Welcome to my Website!

I began drawing cats around the same time I started reading the Warriors book series by the team under the name of Erin Hunter. This is the official Warriors Website over here!

A quick Q/A

Q. Favorite Warrior Catto? A. Hmmmmmm... Leopardstar.

Q. Least Favorite Catto? A. Thistleclaw, or Brambleclaw AFTER Long Shaows.

Q. Do you prefer drawing with others designs? Or your own? A. My own designs.

Q. Do you draw other animals and/or people? A. If I'm feeling brave, maybe.

Q.Where do your many names come from? A. Warriors OCS I've created, the exception being the AJ user.

    You can find me here:

  • Amino (under CrimsonbarbTheWarriorKitty)
  • Animal Jam (under Coolcutecat8)
  • Roblox (under TaigafrostTheKitty)
  • Here! (right here)

Well, that's it, folks! Baiii! (Also, I promise I'll start posting actual art soon.)